About the NarangLab

We are an interdisciplinary group at Harvard SEAS working on topics at the vibrant intersection of computational science, condensed matter theory, quantum photonics, and quantum information science. Topics in our group unify and push new directions in ab initio materials theory and transport methods, excited-state nanophotonics, ultrafast and nonequilibrium dynamics, computational condensed matter physics, topological materials science, and defects in quantum materials. We also have an active and growing effort in quantum information science, spanning quantum algorithms for quantum computation as well as simulation and emulation directions in quantum network science.

Check out our Research pages for more information on each of these areas and our Publications page to see the latest work from us. 



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Prineha Narang Headshot



Professor Prineha Narang, PI 

Prineha Narang is an Assistant Professor at the John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences at Harvard University. She is the PI and Lead of the Narang Lab.

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