About the NarangLab

We are an interdisciplinary group at Harvard SEAS interested in predicting excited-state phenomena and material dynamics from ab initio methods and linking these to spatio-temporal measurements of new materials. Our research is at the fun intersection of computational materials science, condensed matter theory, quantum chemistry and (quantum) photonics.


The limits of electronic, optical and thermal performance of materials are determined by their atomic-scale dynamics. Therefore, in order to surpass conventional properties of materials, an accurate description of excited-state and non-equilibrium phenomena is essential. Understanding processes in materials is of both fundamental and practical importance, yet these problems pose unique theoretical and computational physics challenges. That's why we are here!


We discover and develop new, efficient theory methods to calculate materials. We also collaborate extensively with experimental groups to connect predicted properties with state-of-the-art measurements of materials.



We are convinced that understanding material properties at the atomic and molecular scale is key to exceeding limits of conventional materials which in turn will unlock technologies of the future, including high-performance exascale computing, Internet-of-Things, new space technologies and integrated quantum information processing.