Dominik Maximilian Juraschek

Dr. Dominik Maximilian Juraschek

Postdoctoral Research Scholar, Harvard SEAS
Early Postdoc.Mobility Fellow of the Swiss National Science Foundation
Dominik is a postdoctoral researcher who is interested in coherent and nonlinear quasiparticle phenomena. He obtained his doctorate from ETH Zurich, where he investigated theoretically the effects of nonlinear phonon excitation on the properties of dielectric materials. At Harvard, he is using this expertise to advance the understanding of coherent light-matter interactions in the polaritonic regime and to discover new materials for potential technological applications. In order to describe the time-dependent dynamics of spin, lattice, and electronic degrees of freedom, he uses a combination of first-principles calculations and phenomenological modeling.

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Pierce Hall 302
Harvard University
29 Oxford Street
Cambridge MA 02138

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