Ioannis Petrides

Dr. Ioannis Petrides

Postdoctoral Research Scholar, Harvard SEAS
Early Postdoctoral Mobility Fellow of the Swiss National Science Foundation
Ioannis Petrides

Ioannis Petrides is a postdoctoral fellow supported by the Early Postdoc.Mobility grant of the Swiss National Foundation. He is interested in the transport properties of particles through dynamical materials, ranging from electrons in insulators to driven ultra cold atoms, photons in modulated dielectric media and excitations in electrically tunable circuits.

His research focuses on the topological and geometrical aspects of phase space and their signatures in physical observables.Ioannis received his B.Sc. in physics and astronomy from the University of Sheffield in 2013, and his M.Sc. in physics from ETH Zurich in 2015. Subsequently, he worked as a scientific assistant at ABB's Research and Development center in Baden, Switzerland before returning to ETH Zurich for his PhD in theoretical condensed matter physics. In 2020 he successfully defended his doctoral thesis "Phase-space topology of insulating materials".

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