Tomas Neuman

Dr. Tomas Neuman

Previously: Postdoctoral Research Fellow at Harvard
Now: Postdoc at Strasbourg Institute of Material Physics and Chemistry
Tomas Neuman
Tomáš is a postdoctoral fellow in Professor Narang's group at Harvard University. He focuses on quantum description of light-matter and electron-phonon interaction in molecules and solid-state defects. By combining ab-initio tools with parametric models based on solution of quantum master equation, his goal is to identify and describe novel quantum phenomena with applications in molecular spectroscopy, chemistry, or quantum information technology. 

Tomáš received his Ph.D. in physics of materials in 2018 under supervision of Professor Javier Aizpurua at the University of the Basque Country, Materials Physics Center, San Sebastián, Spain. In his thesis project he studied quantum and classical description of plasmon-ehanced light-matter interaction applied to plasmon-enhanced optical and infrared spectroscopy. 

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Pierce Hall 302, Harvard University
29 Oxford Street
Cambridge, MA
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