Zhigang Song

Dr. Zhigang Song

Postdoctoral Scholar in Quantum Materials
Zhigang Song

Zhigang Song received his Ph.D. in condensed matter physics in Fall 2017 under the supervision of Prof. Jinbo Yang and Jing Lu at Peking University. His thesis focused on the application of Berry phase in low-dimensional materials to investigate new types of topological materials and valleytronics. In 2018, he joined Lin-wang Wang’s group as a postdoctoral fellow. He took a part in developing a large-scale electronic structure codebase and a quantum transport module. Then, he applied these large-scale electronic structure methods in investigating the electronic structure and optical properties of the twisted bilayers.  

In 2021, Zhigang Song joined professor Narang's group at Harvard University. He is aiming at understanding magnetic properties and electronic structures of pure 2D materials and twisted magnetic layers using both large-scale density functional theory and tight-binding models. He also has a keen interest in femtosecond dynamics and time-dependent electronic properties of magnetic and excitonic materials under electron irradiation.   

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