Phono-magnetic analogs to opto-magnetic effects


Dominik M. Juraschek, Prineha Narang, and Nicola A. Spaldin. 11/30/2019. “Phono-magnetic analogs to opto-magnetic effects.” arXiv. Publisher's Version


The magneto-optical and opto-magnetic effects describe the interaction of light with a magnetic medium. The most prominent examples are the Faraday and Cotton-Mouton effects that modify the transmission of light through a medium, and the inverse Faraday and inverse Cotton-Mouton effects that can be used to coherently excite spin waves. Here, we introduce the phenomenology of the analog magneto-phononic and phono-magnetic effects, in which coherently excited vibrational quanta take the place of the light quanta. We show, using a combination of density functional theory and phenomenological modeling, that the effective magnetic fields exerted by these phono-magnetic effects on the spins of antiferromagnetic nickel oxide yield magnitudes comparable or larger than those of the opto-magnetic effects.